Sword Floors, Inc. is a Williamsburg- based Craftsman, solely dedicated to the beautification of homes throughout the area through the restoration, renovation and refinishing of hardwood flooring. Our services include the detail oriented execution of customer service, job completion, follow up, and an all around good experience. We take a great amount of pride from providing you with education, care and beautiful hardwood floors!

In addition to the floors that will enhance your home, we will also provide you with the maintenance products, and completion, that you will need to take care of your new investment.

Sword Floors, Inc. is an innovative craftsman, always looking into new and exciting technology. Whether it is in the finish lines we choose or the dust containment and evacuation methods chosen, updating is always top-of-mind. This enables us to offer many benefits not offered by other companies. You can always depend on Sword to deliver a full package of total satisfaction

With friendly employees, exemplary customer service and state of the art equipment, no company is better equipped to handle the needs of our hardwood flooring clients from start to finish. Throughout the entire experience, we will make ourselves available to you, and you will feel comfortable knowing that we will also consider you a lifetime customer! We will always be here for you and your flooring needs!

Please contact us today for your hardwood floor estimate!