Founded in 1992, Sword Floors, Inc. has established itself in the Williamsburg market as a preferred contractor with many of the local communities and real estate firms. As such, we constantly strive to increase our ability to meet client needs. Whether it is technological growth or growth in our workforce, you can rest assured that time and thought go into every decision made, ever insuring the overall happiness and satisfaction of every homeowner in our portfolio.

As a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, we have access to information, products and services that will enhance the experience that you have with us; as well as know that when we estimate work for you, it is done in a competitive manner, and with the finest, high-quality products on the market today in our industry. Isn’t that what you expect from your local contractor? In addition to the installation and refinishing of your home’s floors, we can also assist you in time of disaster.

Many homeowners have experienced the loss of flooring due to water or fire damage. Throughout this most trying time, clients appreciate the support and care offered by a knowledgeable ally. Education and knowing what to expect are such important tools to arm our clients with. We find that the more you know, the less painful the situation is to you. It is also nice to know that virtually nothing is hidden, and you will be prepared for the upcoming work.

Let Sword Floors, Inc. be the partner that you choose to help with the restoration, renovation or refinishing of your home!