Sword Floors, Inc. is committed to utilize the latest technology on the market in our industry.  With that in mind, our focus is on dust containment and waterborne finishes, manufactured by Bona USA.

Our standard dust containment system, used on every jobsite, is a means to alleviate the airborne dust associated with floor sanding. This process does not totally eliminate dust, however, you can be assured that the process is very clean. If a completely dust-free atmosphere is required, the Atomic Dust Evacuation System is also available for use on our jobs.

Hardwood is available in a wide variety of species, colors, widths and thicknesses. We work very diligently in assisting with your choices so that you will be another happy client!

with over 20 colors to choose from, you will be able to choose or mix a color that will be the perfect enhancement to your home.
used to seal and condition the hardwood floor, DriFast Sealer is a build coat, and contains polyurethane. This is an oil-modified universal sealer able to accept both oil modified and waterborne polyurethanes.
used to seal and condition the hardwood floor, Amberseal is a waterborne sealer with less color than the oil-modified DriFast Sealer, and can be used in conjunction with a GREENGUARD Certified floor.
oil-modified polyurethane
Commercial waterborne polyurethane. This is the most requested finish used by Sword Floors, Inc.