We can assist with repairs due to water or fire damage; we can make old floors new again; we can add hardwood to your existing home; and we will do all of those things happily, making sure that you are another satisfied client.
Adding on to your existing home and extending the flooring into the new area; removing a wall or closet; whatever your needs, we are here with answers.
It can be a bit daunting to think of what will have to occur for the sanding of your home to take place. We try to make it as easy as possible, and even oftentimes recommend that the job take place while you are already away on a vacation or travel. Because most refinishing of homes will require about a week, it is a perfect time for this type of work to take place.

We are happy to show you stain colors on the floor of your home, so that you can make an informed decision about the color you are choosing. You can even create your own custom color! Your happiness is of the utmost importance, and we will work with you until it is attained.

Keep your floors beautiful with proper maintenance. This is the final step to the long-lasting beauty of your wood floors. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a waterborne, non-toxic cleaner designed for hardwood floors. Unlike all-purpose cleaners and oil soaps, it cleans without dulling your floor’s beautiful finish or leaving any residue. As a client of Sword Floors, Inc., you will receive a cleaning kit at the conclusion of your project. We are committed to making sure you are armed and prepared to maintain the beauty of your floors.

Refinish your hardwood floors without the dust! Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your home, and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty.